Discuss the global response to President George Bush’s ‘National Missile Defence Plan’ (NMD).

America declared the NMD Plan in April 2001, costing it about USD 60 billion. It was in development since 1990s but was signed in 2002.

This declaration has effect of violating Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 and may also make the CTBT ineffective. When the President Bill Clinton had announced preparation of this plan, world leaders, including NATO, did not favour.

Though America calls it a step towards security, it has effect of creating new race in the world for arms among the nations. Russian President Putin called it a subject of deep concern over the world security. Chinese President Jiang Zemin also opposed the plan. France, Germany, North Korea, some Muslim countries and some of the Socialist South American countries have also called it a step of America towards leading the world to unipolarity. Hardly any nation approves of it as it has effect of leading the world again to insecure and unbalanced power position.


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