Differentiate between Natya Dharmi and Lok Dharmi traditions as mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures.

Natya Dharmi and Lok Dharmi are two divisions of Abhinaya as per Natya Shashra. Natyadharmi means theatre oriented and ‘Lokadharmi’ means life oriented.
Natyadharmi pertains to the conventions of the stage. According to the Natya Shastra, Natyadharmi is theatrical representation larger than life and considerably conventionalized. It is stylized and the artist’s imagination has a free hand in this mode, contrasted with Lokadharmi. This stimulates the natural way of life.
Lokadharmi refers to that mode of representation in traditional Indian performance that deals with the worldly activity of people. Lokadharmi is often set in opposition to the natyadharmi (stylized) mode of representation. While lokadharmi does not draw on a prescribed codification of gestures (hastas) and walks (gatis), among other aspects of stylized acting, it draws on its own modes of exaggeration, emphasis, improvisation, and play, which are non-realistic in their own right.


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