Despite the huge promise of satellite-based internet connectivity, it hasn’t gained traction on a significant commercial scale, especially in India. Discuss.

Satellite-based internet connectivity involves broadband connection and internet to users by connection from satellites.

Benefits offered by Satellite-based internet:

  • High bandwidth – Satellite-based connectivity can function at a peak bandwidth and doesn’t show delays during peak hours.
  • Ability to reach remote and inaccessible locations to provide internet services.
  • Use in multiple applications ranging from smart grids, and railways to the agriculture sector.
  • High-quality internet connection as satellites is transferring direct signals.

Challenges associated with satellite-based internet connectivity:

  • Higher cost – It is 15-20 times costlier than conventional internet connections.
  • Disturbance by atmospheric conditions – The presence of clouds, etc can impact the connection.
  • India doesn’t allow accessing satellite-based connections by individual private operations due to security concerns.
  • Possibility of high space debris due to a large number of satellites required to provide internet.
  • Further, challenges to astronomy as light from satellites can hamper the study of astronomical objects.

Thus, satellite-based internet connectivity must be developed keeping challenges in mind. E.g: SpaceX developed DarkSat to avoid emitting light which disturbs astronomy.


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