Despite the fact that the Israel-Palestine conflict is rooted in history, it has been shaped in its modern form in the 20th century. Explain.

Israel-Palestine conflict refers to the territorial dispute between Israeli Jews and Palestinian Arabs for settlement and human rights.

History and evolution:

  • Arab Muslims and Jews claiming birthright to the Israeli territory.
  • Presence of holy religious sites of both diligence. E.g. Al Aqsa mosque.
  • Importance of Jerusalem as a holy city for both Muslims and Jews.

20th century revival:

  • Britain Balfour declaration (1917), For all national home of Jews.
  • Holocaust during Second World War created global empathy for Jews.
  • Return of jews to homeland and UN declaration of two states – Arab and Israel.
  • Forced Zionist occupation and creation of Israel (1948). Removal of Palestinian refugees.
  • Arab Israel wars and illegal territory occupation – 1948 war, six day war (1967) etc.
  • Israel’s control of West Bank, Jordan, Golan Heights and creation of PLO – Oslo accords (1990s).

Present conflicts:

  • East Jerusalem claimed by Palestine.
  • Hamas terror in Gaza.
  • Stalled negotiations.
  • Arab-Israel accords (2020).

India’s de-hyphenated Israel-Palestine policy is a step in the right direction.


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