Despite being the most peaceful border in Asia, the Indo-Nepal border is not free of critical problems. Discuss while suggesting way forward.

The Treaty of Sugauli delineate the boundary between India and Nepal. The Nepal-India Joint Technical Boundary Committee is working for the past 21 years in chalking out a boundary between both the states. India and Nepal has two broad issues as the border business is concerned.
    a. Border Demarcation
    b. Border Management
While the border demarcation deals with the historical claims over stretches of land, the border management deals with the day-to-day inflow/outflow of people. The issue of open border has had both its positive and negative impacts. As the demand of the question is critical, we will concentrate on the negative impacts of open border system.

  1. Border encroachment by both the nationals
  2. Cross border terrorism with the state of Pakistan using it as an ingress route to enter india
  3. Trafficking of girls for prostitution
  4. Illegal transshipment of arms and ammunition into india
  5. Trafficking of narcotic drugs and other psychotropic substances
  6. Smuggling of goods, materials and machinery
  7. Smuggling of archaeological artifacts
  8. Cross border crimes
  9. Infiltration of Bhutanese refugees
  10. Deforestation and exploitation of medicinal plants and herbs. etc.

Way Forward
 1. Controlled borders in place of open borders.
 2. Preparing a detailed records of all the Nepalese citizens working in India and vice versa
 3. Speeding up the work of the Joint Boundary Committee
 4. Coming to a consensus on state of Terai people Madhesis
 5. Need for a political will and dedication to resolve the issues
 6. Well equipped border outposts to deal with any eventuality


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