Describe three landforms each created due to (1) endogenous (2) exogenous forces.

Landforms created due to endogenetic forces:
Fold Mountains
Fold mountains are formed due to folding of crustal rocks by compressive force generated by endogenetic forces. These are the highest and most extensive landforms of the world and found in all the continents. The distribution pattern of folded mountains on the earth denotes that they are generally found along the continents margins. Eg: Rockies,Himalayas, Atlas, Alps, Andes.
Intermountain plateaux
These are highest and most extensive plateau of the globe, which originated together with the origin of folded mountain. These are called intermountain because they are surrounded by hills and mountains from all sides. Eg: Tibetan plateau, Bolivian plateau etc. 
Rift valley
Rift valley are formed due to displacement of crustal parts and subsidence of middle portion between 2 normal faults due to tensional forces generated by endogenetic forces. Eg: Rhine rift valley, Death valley of USA, Damoder valley of India.
Landforms created due to exogenous forces:
Alluvial Plains
Alluvial plains are formed due to filling of extensive and deep trenches or depression caused by tectonic movements with sediments of various sorts brought by the rivers. Eg: The north Indian plains which were formed due to deposition of eroded materials in to extensive deep formed due to Himalayan orogenetic movements. 
Glacial plateaux
When mountains are greatly modified and transformed by glacial erosion, they are lowered in height, their sharp reliefs are rounded to such an extent that are turned in to the structure of plateau, such plateau are called Glacial plateaux. Eg: Garhwal plateau of India.
The depositional feature of almost triangular shape at the mouth of a river entering either in to lake or a sea is called delta. Whether small or large almost every river forms delta. Eg: Ganga delta in India and Bangladesh, Mississippi delta in USA.


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