Critically examine the issues created by the misconception that no-detention means no assessment in context with the No detention policy.

Under the No-Detention Policy, the students up to class VIII are automatically promoted to the next class without being held back even if they do not get a passing grade. The policy is in line with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) under the RTE Act in 2010 to ensure all-round development of students.
The policy is a result of surveys which had revealed that the detention system led to increased dropouts among students, especially from economically and socially weaker sections, who cannot afford costly private education. The main idea was to reduce the undue stress of competition among students, parents and the educational institutions.
 It was recommended that the policy should not be misconstrued with “no assessments” because no detention and assessment must go hand in hand.The NDP’s has urged the schools to make minimum attendance of 80% mandatory for students; conduct the exams at regular interval of time; identifying the weak student and subject; providing additional classes or special classes to weak children; even after taking proper efforts, if the student fails then he or she should be asked to repeat class. If a student is repeatedly failing, there comes a need to look at counseling of the child.
Therefore, need of the hour is awareness and increasing capacity for the successful functioning of the NDP wherein it can actually live on the ideals for which it was being implemented for.


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