Critically examine the internal and external reasons that brought the spirit of nationalism among the Nagas. To what extent, this spirit was responsible for making Nagaland an epicentre of insurgency in North East? Examine.

Model Answer:
Like many other small sovereign states before the arrival of British, the Nagas were also free people. The present Nagaland state is a result of British confiscation of the state during the early period. Since then there has been problem of Naga nationalism and Ethnic conflict in Nagaland and north eastern states. But, the major reason for arose of Naga nationalism was the nine-point Hydri agreement which was signed between Assam and Kohima in June 1947.Furthermore, the feeling of nationalism got more intensed when “People’s Sovereign Republic of Free Nagaland was set up in Nagaland by  Phizo and armed conflict broke out between Indian army and so called Naga army of underground Nagas. When blood started flowing from both sides, people got fed up. There was growing difference among various Naga leaders, which led to internal violence among various factions. In late 1950s, some moderates abandoned the violent path and decided that it would be better to be with India rather than a separate country. The Naga People’s Convention thus came into existence with Dr. Imkongliba as its President. The NPC spearheaded the movement to create Nagaland State within the Indian Union with a high degree of autonomy. But these adventures of peace loving NPC were not acceptable to the underground groups and Imkongliba was assassinated. This in turn led to high Internal disturbance. Further, with the failure of Shillong accord of 1975 and demand of Naga rebels for sovereign creation of a ‘Greater Nagaland’ or Nagalim made the Nagaland an epicenter of insurgency in North East.


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