Critically examine the differences between the attitude of Indian National Congress and Muslim League over the issue of independence of India.

The situation in India was of complicated in nature with respect to the issue of independence.
The congress wanted independence, with India as a single united nation. On the other hand, the Muslim League wanted India to be divided. Muslims were minority in number (20%) and there was a fear that their interests would be subdued in a Hindu dominated country. Therefore, the Muslim League wanted a separate country known as Pakistan which would be situated in the northern part of the sub-continent where the Muslims lived. Therefore, the leader of Muslim League Jinnah put pressure on the British to support partition of India into two separate states.
The Congress strictly opposed partition. Gandhiji was a Hindu but he practiced religious tolerance and did not let his religious ideology override nation’s unity. Nehru also supported a single, secular state in which religious differences would not hold significance. The congress tried very hard to persuade Muslim leaders that they would be safe in a united India.
The Muslim League used rhetoric of fear by telling the Muslims that if a separate homeland was not got, they would be crushed by the Hindu majority.
Therefore, there is a visible contrast between the Muslim League and Congress towards the achievement of independence. One being accommodative and the other supporting Balkanisation of India.


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