Critically examine Andhra Pradesh’s initiative to use facial recognition technology for curbing absenteeism in schools as a measure to improve quality of education.

Andhra Pradesh has introduced a face recognition system for teacher’s attendance in schools. Attendance will be recorded twice a day and will be sent to higher officials along with the location of the teachers. The policy has been aimed at improving the quality of education.

Problem of teacher’s absenteeism in Schools:

  • Absenteeism of teachers has been a systematic issue in education for decades and to curb it has become a policy goal also.
  • Many policies have been framed to ensure it but their character has been inspectorial rather than reformatory.

Problems associated with education:

  • Rote learning, poor teacher to student ratio, poor infrastructure.
  • Trivialisation of B.Ed degrees.
  • Nepotism and corruption in posting of teachers.
  • Lack of an environment that promotes emancipatory education.
  • Lack of motivation among teachers.
  • Lack of vocational training.

Teacher’s Presence alone can’t transform education:

  • The mere presence of teachers in schools is not enough to improve the quality of education and improve learning experiences of students.
  • The intellectual skills are acquired by an environment that motivates the teacher to pass onto the students the spirit of curiosity and inquiry, rather than rote learning.

Ways to improve education:

  • Use of technology to enhance learning and reduce inequalities in access to education among schoolchildren in India.
  • Designing school pedagogy to meet the industry needs.
  • Behavioural change among teachers by motivating them through incentives.
  • Vocational training.


The presence of teachers in schools is a necessary but not sufficient condition for quality education.


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