Critically discuss why Buddha image from Sarnath is considered the highest triumph of Indian art.

The synthesis of the external form with the inner spirit is nowhere better illustrated than in the Buddha images of the Gupta period. The three most outstanding examples are the seated Buddha image from Sarnath, the inscribed image of the standing Buddha in the Mathura Museum, and the colossal copper statue of the Buddha (about 7% feet high) from Sultanganj, now in the Birmingham Museum.
The spiritual expression, the tranquil smile and the contemplative mood of the Sarnath Buddha posed on a diamond seat in the attitude of preaching show us the highest triumph of Indian art-an attempt to visualise the supermen endowed with the highest wisdom, detached and austere in his discipline, but radiating an almost divine influence. The other two Buddha images referred to above are also characterised by similar artistic qualities.


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