Critically discuss the potential implications of so called "Robotic Process Automation (RPA)" upon jobs creation and jobs sustainability in services sector in India.

In recent years, RPA has gained popularity in service organizations. This tool allows software robots to replace computer activity traditionally performed by humans. Robotic Process Automation is the next big thing in the outsourcing industry.
Some of the potential applications of RPA on job creation are

  • In the software industry because of Robotic process automation, low skilled jobs may cease to exist. At the same time there will be new job additions to the market because of the change in technology
  • As the robots required manual inputs before performing their tasks experts are required to structure data, define how to deal with exceptions and intervene to train the robots to gradually handle the all the steps involved
  • Also, this type of automation raises economic productivity which in turn increases real wages and generate new consumer spending, for other goods and services as well as the ones being automated. This new demand should raise employment and/or wages, at least in those other markets. 
  • For those who entering into the work force for the first time, there would be demand for talent with traditional programming skills along with the skills for developing RPA frame works. 


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