Critically discuss India’s current approach towards global governance institutions and multilateralism. Is there any significant difference from the past approach? Discuss with suitable examples.

Global governance is the collective political cooperation among the key players that aimed at improving the problems that affect multiple regions. The global governance institutions are the United Nations, the International Criminal Court, the World Bank, etc.

The objective of global governance is to provide public goods, ensuring peace and security, justice, and solution for the conflict, market functioning globally.

Past approach

India lost to Japan in 1996 to secure a seat on the UN Security Council. India has always been on its way to becoming a significant player in global governance. Jawaharlal Nehru tried to achieve the position by high idealism. Material resources were the only thing that India lacks. Nehru considered the United Nations as the global peacekeeping organization. At the time when he tried to focus the UN attention on the Kashmir issue, India’s claim of sovereignty over Kashmir was rejected. India faced the same challenge in other areas also. It failed to meet the demand regarding agreements. The problem of poverty created the problem more complicatedly. Several countries put an impediment to India’s entry in the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

Current approach

India has been gradually improving its position in the world. Its engagement in Bretton Woods institutions and the World Bank has strengthened the position. It is focusing on global governance and multilateralism. Three key aims of its approach are a global representation, Multilateral groping with countries after the post-world war II time, maintaining strong self-sufficiency or keeping away the nation from the dominance of others.


India managed to get a position in the UNSC very recently on the other hand it is also kept itself away from joining China’s belt road initiative. It clearly signifies the condition is improving.


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