Critically analyze the lack of development as backward linkage for Extremism in India.

Published: May 3, 2018

Extremism refers to holding of extreme political or religious views. India is facing key challenges related to extremism and lack of development is one of the key cause for spreading of extremism.
Development and extremism:

  • India is land of diversity clubbed with disparities. These disparities are often become a cause for spreading of extremism.
  • Naxalism which is a radical left wing movement has a backward linkage of lack of development.
  • It is said that red corridor spreads between Tirupati and Pashupati spanning the areas of Telangana, Odhisa, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, and West Bengal. The region lacks development and performs poorly in human resource development Indices.
  • These regions are also energy rich regions. But the benefit is being exploited by outsiders by threatening the livelihood opportunities of the natives. This has led to extremism gaining roots in the region.
  • Similar is the story in North-east, lack of development has led to extremism gaining ground in the region.

But lack of development is not the sole reason for the spread of extremism

  • Post truth: Post truth has led to extremism taking root in coastal regions of Karnataka and Kerala. The difference between the communities is portrayed as binary opposites and emotions rather than logic and facts are used to spread animosity between communities. As a result the terror groups like ISIS which strive for creation of Islamic state are gaining roots in these regions.
  • Khalistan movement: The Khalistan movement was based on ethnic identity and not based on the plank of development.

Hence it can be said that lack of development can be a significant factor for spread of extremism but not a sole reason for spread of extremism.

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