Compost from biodegradable can be a perfect solution for myriad no of issues related to waste management. Comment.

Waste management is the crucial component for city management not only from sanitation perspective but also from the health dimension. However, despite clean India campaign the waste processing and treatment has received much less attention.
If the waste is properly segregated at source then waste management and processing will be much easier. Biodegradable waste can be processed and compost from such processing provides an alternative to farmyard manure. This will not only help in cleaning the cities but it will help in improving soil fertility thereby increasing agricultural productivity. Excessive use of chemical fertilizers deteriorate the soil quality, such compost can play a vital role as a supplement to chemical fertilizers in the replenishment of the nutrient-depleted soils. Apart from that compost improve the water holding capacity of the soil. Some studies have also shown that horticulture crops grown with compost have much better flavor, size, and shelf life. Also, the use of chemical fertilizers pollute the surface water due to nitrogen runoff, the use of compost will reduce such runoff and therefore reduce the pollution.
The Solid Waste Management Rules 2016 provides for marketing of compost. The government, in order to incentivize the use of compost, initiated the policy of Market Development Assistance.
Therefore compost from waste will be helpful in a transition from waste to health and it is a sustainable solution to the issue of solid waste management. The need of the hour is awareness generation and proper execution of policies.


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