Bring out the major differences between a ballistic missile and a cruise missile? Name two ballistic and two cruise missiles of India.

Missile is a weapon that is self-propelled or directed by remote control, carrying conventional or nuclear explosive. There are three broad types of missiles

  • Conventional guided missiles
  • Cruise missiles
  • Ballistic missiles

Difference between cruise and ballistic missile

  • A Cruise Missile is a guided missile that flies with constant speed to deliver a warhead at specified target over long distance with high accuracy. A Ballistic Missile is launched directly into the high layers of the earth’s atmosphere.
  • Cruise missile is classified by size, range, speed and launch type. Ballistic missile is classified based on its range, maximum distance measured along the earth’s ellipsoid from point of launch to point of impact of last element of their payload.
  • Cruise missile flies with in earth’s atmosphere and use jet engine technology. Cruise missiles are known specifically for low-level flight which is staying relatively close to the surface of the earth to avoid detection from anti missile systems. Ballistic missile travels well outside earth’s atmosphere.
  • Ballistic missiles of India: Pruthvi, Agni, Dhanush range missiles

Cruise missiles of India: Nirbhay, Brahmos


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