Bring out the aberrations of the parliamentary system of government in India.

Indian Constitutional Assembly chose the Parliamentary System of government for India, based on British parliamentary system. Alliances and minority Governments, unstable Governments have raised burden of frequent elections and which have resulted into huge expenses and instability. So many aberrations of our parliamentary system are responsible for them.

  • Our Parliament has lost its prestige due to undisciplined behaviours of Parliamentarians during the sessions and outside the Houses.
  • Criminalisation of politics is self evident and elections are won at the tip of guns, money and muscle powers.
  • Corruption has taken the place of ethics, morality and ideology.
  • Changing of parties are so common among politicians that it hampers ideological or merit based discussion of issues in Parliament.
  • Regionalism, linguistic differences, caste politics etc have taken a strong root in the minds of politicians and so national interest is always at the stake against their selfish political motives.
  • Mushrooming of regional and small political parties and independent candidates have not served the desired purpose.
  • Defection, changing parties and selling tickets are rampant in practice.
  • Strong two party system has never become possible in India due to presence of regional parties. Many parties with differences among them in many matters, do not allow to work Parliament efficiently.
  • The principle of collective responsibility has been ignored.

All these aberrations of our Parliamentary system have made academicians and constitutionalists suggest the Presidential democracy as an option. However, it is admitted that if Parliamentarians undertake their responsibility honestly and perform them, the Parliamentary form of Democracy can work very efficiently in India. (Total 256 words)


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