Bhutan asserted that China should maintain status quo on Doklam. Discuss the recent Doklam issue. Why China is so much interested in the region?

Doklam plateau is a 269-sq km plateau in Bhutan. It overlooks the strategic Chumbi Valley. The plateau is lying in the tri-junction of India,�China�and Bhutan.
Doklam Issue:

  • The plateau is claimed by China
  • The issue arises when a road construction by the People�s Liberation Army of China took place in the Doklam plateau. China claims it to be a part of its Donglang region. However, India and Bhutan recognize it as Doklam, a Bhutan territory
  • Indian Army objected the action of China
  • China accused Indian troops of entering in its territory and India accused the Chinese of destroying its bunkers
  • China stopped the passage of pilgrims towards Kailash-Mansarovar through the Nathu La pass
  • India is worried that if the road is completed, it will give China greater access to India�s vulnerable Siliguri Corridor that links the seven north eastern states to the Indian mainland

China�s Interest:

  • The road, which passes through Bhutan�s territory, has significantly enhanced China�s military logistics in the region
  • China aims to promote the development of the Yadong region, which is connected to Lhasa with a highway
  • China is also aiming to establish formal ties with Bhutan
  • China wants to adopt a military posture in the area to ensure that it can defeat India in any military contest

Bhutan and India have a very cordial relationship whereas Bhutan and China do not have formal relations. The on-ground flag meets and the diplomatic phase of talks will resolve the issues effectively.


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