Assess the reasons why the Bolsheviks were victorious in the civil war by 1921.

The reasons for the victory of Bolsheviks in the civil war were as follows:

  • The food procurement policy of the government was highly criticised by the peasants and supported whites. But the whites were not centrally organised and lost the support of the peasants due to their brutal behaviour and they also feared that if whites won then their newly cultivated land will be lost.
  • The Red Army had more troops, arms and ammunitions than the Whites did. Red Army also controlled most of the modern industry.
  • Lenin’s measure of war communism in which all the industries were nationalised, private trade was banned and food grains were taken away from the farmers to feed the town workers and Army. This made them survive the civil war.
  • Lenin presented Bolsheviks as fighters against foreigners. He was quite successful using war communism.


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