Are you of the view that the workforce of India is masculinizing gradually?

It has been gradually seen that fewer women are entering the work-force and ones which are working have to spend long hours without getting adequate pay. Only 9 nations in the world have lower proportion of women working and two of these are Ira and Syria. In India, especially in urban areas the majority of women who work are involved in domestic cleaning or other forms of textile related jobs. The Female Labour Force Participation Rate LFPR in India for women who report for work or are available for it has fallen sharply to a dismal low of 23.3 percent i.e. 3 out of 4 women are not working or are looking for it. This means that women are involved in taking care of children and other household work. India has been placed at the 12th from the bottom globally. It has been seen that social factors and even religion has played a role in it as the worst LFPR is recorded among Muslim women and those in Hindu community the forward castes have low LFPR.


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