Analyse the merits and demerits of the Presidential system for a country like India.

The constitution of India has provided for parliamentary system at both centre and state level. Unlike the presidential system, parliamentary system is based on responsible government where executive is responsible to legislative for its policies and actions.

Given the non-satisfactory working of parliamentary system (Criminalization, High defection, frequent disruption & poor quality of debate), demand for Presidential system has been raised.

Merits of Presidential System:

  1. Experienced government
    • Governed by experts.
    • Better decision making.
    • High quality debate.
  2. Stability – not subject to no-confidence motion or defection leading to fall of government.
  3. Expert led government works well for political, economic and social development of country.
  4. Checks criminalisation and role of money & muscle power.
  5. Promote accountability – elected head.


  • Responsible government is the cornerstone of India’s democracy.
  • Promote majoritarianism and concentration of power in one person.
  • Against well established democratic tradition based on debate, dissent and discussion.

Lacunae in existing system must be addressed through appropriate electoral reforms and amendment to 10th schedule. The answer does not lie in switching to presidential system but strengthening parliamentary system.


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