Differentiate between Mysore Paintings and Tanjore Paintings.

There are several differences between Mysore Paintings and Thanjore paintings as follows:
Gesso work
Gesso work is low in relief and intricate in Mysore paintings while it has thick Gold relief in Thanjore paintings.
Preparation of Gesso
In Mysore paintings, Gesso is prepared by mixing white lead powder, gamboges and glue. In Thanjore paintings, raw lime powder is used along with a paste made of powdered tamarind seed for Gesso work
The base in Mysore paintings is cloth and wood. In Thanjore paintings, cloth is used with wood as base and it is called palagai padam.
Mysore paintings are lighter than Thanjore paintings.
In Mysore paintings, there is more emphasis in comparison to Thanjore paintings on fine lines and delicate detail, especially on corner scroll designs, clothing and other decorative elements.
There are no gem settings and glass embellishments in Mysore paintings, while such settings are found in Thanjore paintings.


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