2018-Mock-8: Case Study-3

What are the steps that would help in creating harmony amongst the staff and ensure smooth work flow?
The victim of ego clashes between individuals in an organisation is the stability and the well being of the organisation itself.

  • Being the head of the department, it is my responsibility to consult with every individual working in my department about the problems which he/she is facing.
  • Initially, I will try to explain them the strength and importance of team work in an organisation and will try to inculcate team spirit and align the objectives of individual with that of organisation.
  • Organise a get-together for the members of the department so that they get familiar to each other.
  • If things don’t go right will try to reorganise the department so that there would be forced to work with each other rather than against each other. I will devise an objective criterion to evaluate their performance and will fix the responsibility on Individuals for the lapses.
  • I will warn them of taking strict action in case their personal problems affect the company’s work. After all I have been vested with responsibility by the company, company has trusted me, and employees as well as mine job security and annual increment depends on business health of the company.

This situation will really make a test my professionalism, accountability towards company, & competence for the HOD post.
What you think could be the permanent solution to bring about a kind of cooperation and friendly relationship among the corporate employees?
According to me the permanent solution to this problem is that not allowing permanent groups of 4-5 same people to develop and isolate themselves. I will make sure that one or two members of a group are frequently interchanged with other groups during task assignments.
While focussing on team work, I would also ensure that every member also has his/her own individual assignments. Such steps taken would help all the members of the department to easily mingle with each other, understand each other competency level, better coordination and maintain healthy completion in the department. By creating interdependencies in the organisation, an effective way for boosting the team spirit can be inculcated.


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