2018-Mock-8: Case Study-2

a) What are the different values involved in this situation? Bring out the values from are the stake holders involved.
(1) Yourself (2) Rich Lady (3) the Local Politician
Values involved with different stakeholders are:

  • Yourself

Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty, Service to others, Public policy determination, courage to stand firm in adverse circumstance, accountability towards public money

  • Rich Lady

Greediness, Stubborn, lack of integrity, deceptive, unfair

  • Local Politician

Corrupt, Personal Motive, Politically Active, Accountability towards public, lack of empathy and sympathy, unfair.
b) Describe your course of action in this situation.
Family pension is given as per rules set up by the government. For example, in India, family pension could only be granted to deceased government employee’s spouse and after his or her death to the dependent son or daughter below 25 years of age or even to daughters above 25 years of age if she suffered divorce.
Being the authorised person in the Taluk to grant the person, I will initially try to investigate properly whether the woman is eligible for family pension or not. If found guilty, will take action against her. If she is found eligible for the family pension under existing rules, it is her right to receive the pension and I will sanction her pension without any hesitation. But on the other hand, I will also explain her that family pension is for the very needy of the society. The amount which she is receiving in the form of pension is a meagre one in comparison to her rental income. God has already blessed her with prosperity, and if she wishes she can skip this pension so that it can be used for someone else in the society.
As far as politician is concerned, the person is accountable to the public which votes for him. If the politician comes to the public servants for public works, I don’t think there is any harm in it. But I will convince him about the need to serve the marginal and the poor as the country is facing huge resource deficit rather than serving those who are already well off in the society.


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