2018-Case Study – 6

The poor quality of the public service delivery has led to deteriorating standards of governance. Information asymmetry, lack of awareness, apathy of bureaucracy, lack of accountability has led to the inability on part of the government to deliver quality service to the citizens.
The quality of the service delivery can be enhanced through:
Citizen Charter
Citizen charter forms an important component of good governance. But lack of awareness coupled with bureaucratic jargons has led to a situation where in the citizen charter has become a bureaucratic norm rather than being a tool to address the issues, inefficiencies and grievances.
A visible citizen charter which is objective and provides for ease of comprehension can result in the increased accountability of bureaucracy towards citizens.
Right to Service
The service delivery which was based in the welfare approach has resulted in the citizens being at the mercy of the executive.
Transition to right based approach from welfare approach can result in citizens demanding the service. Sakala initiative of Karnataka which mandates time bound citizen delivery can be a model in implementing right to service.
The fairness, objectivity, transparency can lead to a system of governance wherein the quality of service can be improved.
Passport Seva portal which has automated the process for application and renewal of passports has been a great aid for citizens thereby reducing the role of middle men.
Media governance
India is on the verge of digital revolution. With rapid penetration of smart phones people are utilising social media’s like Twitter, Facebook etc. Using social media to enhance the quality of service delivery can be a step towards good governance.
Twitter sewa of Railways has been an initiative wherein the railway authorities take cognizance of the complaints of the commuters through twitter to address the various grievances. This has brought in a visible accountability on part of bureaucracy.
Empowered citizens with awareness about their rights, with a guaranteed service delivery mechanism, governance based on objectivity coupled with an effective grievance delivery mechanism can aid in better service delivery to the citizens.


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