‘Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril’ Scheme

The government of Tamil Nadu has introduced guidelines for the “Ungalai Thedi, Ungal Ooril” (Come Look For You, In Your Village) outreach program, an initiative spearheaded by Chief Minister M.K. Stalin aimed at strengthening public services and scheme implementation across the state.

24-Hour Official Site Visits

As part of the program, Collectors and senior district officials will spend 24 hours in one taluk (sub-district) every month to inspect infrastructure, review project functioning, and collect public feedback. The first visits will occur this Wednesday. Teams will split up to cover as many sites as possible within the taluk.

Inspection Schedule

  • Mornings will focus on assessing primary healthcare centers, ration shops, cooperatives, schools, government offices, and other facilities. Officials will document areas needing improvement.
  • From 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, officials will convene to discuss insights gleaned from that morning’s visits. This review meeting will inform plans to address issues uncovered.
  • The 90 minutes between 4:30 pm and 6 pm will provide an open window for locals to meet with visiting officials, lodge complaints, and submit petitions seeking assistance.
  • Starting at 6 pm, the Collector and team will do spot checks of care homes, bus stations, public toilets, and other taxpayer-funded amenities to gauge their condition.
  • Before departing the next morning, officials will assess villages to check basic services, review the breakfast schemes in schools, and identify areas needing attention.

Ensuring Statewide Coverage

Collectors have received instructions to map out annual calendars guaranteeing that all taluks receive monitoring visits. Additionally, districts must heavily publicize visits so citizens can fully utilize officials’ temporary presence.



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