“Ultra Swachh” Booth developed by DRDO to disinfect PPEs

The Defence Research Development Organization (DRDO) developed a disinfection unit called Ultra Swachh. The unit is used to disinfect articles such as electronic items, Personal Protective Equipment, fabrics, etc.

About the unit

The Unit uses an advanced oxidative process called Ozonated Space Technology to disinfect the items. The device also uses Ozone Sealant Technology that involves trapping of Ozone.

The Ultra Swachh Unit houses a catalytic converter that makes it environment friendly. It also holds several safety features such as door interlocks, emergency shut down, delay cycle, dual doors, leak monitors, etc.

The system complies to International Standards of Industrial, Personal, Occupations and Environmental Safety.

Ozone as disinfectant

Ozone is an oxidizing compound that rapidly oxidizes organic materials, manganese, iron, etc. Ozone is highly unstable and oxidises to form oxygen within 15 to 20 seconds. This property of ozone is used in disinfection.

Because of its high oxidization potential, ozone disinfects or rather oxidises cell components. When the cellular wall or membrane of a cell gets damaged, the cell falls apart. This process is called lysis. It is through this process, ozone oxidises or kills microorganisms.


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