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Genome Sequencing of SARS-CoV-2

As the treatment for the COVID-19 is nearly a year away, scientists are hastening to study the genetic information of the virus. Whole Genome Sequencing The virus (SARS CoV-19) is being subject to genetic studies across the world. A process called whole genome sequencing is being used to understand the pathogen. In this process, the ..


Genomics and Personal Genomics

Genome refers to the genetic material of an organism and it comprises of DNA (or RNA in RNA viruses). It offers a blueprint for an organism’s structure and function and has all information necessary for life. Study of genome is called genomics. One of the basic disciplines in genomics is Genome sequencing which refers to ..


China launches world’s largest human genome research project

China has launched the world’s largest human genome research project to document the genetic makeup of one lakh people to help generate the precision medicines for the future. The project would detect the genetic links between health and sickness and involve one person from different ethnic backgrounds and regions. The project will collect the genetic ..


TGC sequences genomes of domesticated tomato & its wild ancestor

TGC: Tomato Genome Consortium TGC has sequenced the genomes of the domesticated tomato and its wild ancestor, ‘Solanum pimpinellifolium’. How this sequencing can benefit us? The genome sequencing will: Lower costs and speed up efforts to improve the worldwide tomato production Make it more potent to fight pests & pathogens, Increase its endurance to drought ..