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Libyan Prime Minister resigns: Libyan crisis, Civil War, role of United Nations

The Libyan Prime Minister Fayez Serraj is to resign by the end of October 2020. The United Nations has welcomed his resignation. Government of National Accord The current Libyan government under the leadership of PM Fayez Serraj is called the Government of National Accord. This government was formed under the initiative of United Nations in ..

Egypt to Deploy Troops in Libya

The Parliament of Egypt has adopted a resolution authorizing the deployment of troops outside the country. This is after President Abdel Fateh el-Sisi had threatened stern military action against the Turkey-backed forces in Libya. The resolution has been passed by the members of the Egyptian Parliament i.e. the members and the members of the armed ..

Clashes intensify in Libya, UN raises aid alarm

The fighting in and around the capital city of Tripoli has intensified and is not likely to abate in the near future. There are growing fears of it taking shape of a full-blown civil war. The UN envoy to the country, Maria do Valle, has raised an alarm about the possible shortages of aid and ..

Tripoli Explosions: Death toll rises

Libyan capital of Tripoli has been rocked by multiple explosions in air raids as the two-week-old offensive led by the eastern forces took dangerous shape. Tripoli is under the control of a government which has international recognition. The blasts which have been caused by the air strikes were described as very powerful by the locals. ..

Trump praises Haftar on phone, people angry

Many thousands of Libyans have taken to streets in protest as the US President Donald Trump praised General Khalifa Haftar as his forces are trying to wrestle the capital from the governmental forces. It was on April 4, that Haftar and his forces had launched a great attack on the internationally recognised government of Libya ..