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International NGO IMPACT reports India as among the Largest Gold Smuggling Hubs in the World

Canadian Nongovernment organization (NGO), IMPACT, in its study, named A Golden Web: How India Became One of the World’s Largest Gold Smuggling Hubs, has mentioned that India imports gold around 1,000 tons every year, which is a quarter above the official figures shown. Highlights from the report : About one-third of the total world’s gold ..



Lake Manasarovar

The Manasarovar Lake, also known as the Mapam Yumtso, is a high altitude freshwater lake. About the Manasarovar lake- It is located near the foot of the Mount Kailash and its waters are replenished by the Kailash Glaciers in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China. Lake Manasarovar lies at an elevation of 4590 m above the ..


Which country has the most number of lakes?

Canada has most number of lakes in the world. More than 60% of lakes in the world are present in Canada that is Canada has more lakes than the combined lakes of remaining countries. Medicine Lake is one of the lakes in Canada that disappears once in a year.