Indian Constitution Short Questions: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

Which posts are expressly excluded from the operation of the doctrine of pleasure?

The tenure of the Supreme Court judges [Article 124], High Court judges [Article 218], Auditor General of India [Article 148(2)], Chief Election Commissioner [Article 324], and the chairman and members of the Public Service Commission [Article 317] are not dependent on the pleasure of the president or the governor, as the case may be. These ..

What is meant by the doctrine of pleasure?

Article 310 of the Indian constitution incorporates the common law doctrine of pleasure. It expressly provides that all persons who are members of the defences services or the civil services of the union of the all-India services hold office during the pleasure of the governor.

What has been held in the case of Mohan Pandey v. Usha Rani Rajgaria under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution?

In the case of Mohan Pandey v. Usha Rani Rajgaria, it has been held that the extraordinary jurisdiction of the high court under Article 226 cannot be exercised for deciding disputes between private parties relating to property   rights, unless there is violation of some statutory duty on the statutory authority alleged. A regular suit is ..

Can the governor accept the advice of the defeated chief minister to dissolve the house?

He may or may not dissolve that house. One view is that he is always bound to accept the advice of the defeated chief minister and dissolve the house. The other view is that he may form an alternative state ministry. Dissolution is a democratic way to settle the complexion of the ministry. It may ..

What are the ordinance-making powers of the governor under Article 213 of the Indian Constitution?

Governor of an Indian state draws ordinance making power from Article 213 of the constitution. This article empowers the governor to promulgate ordinance on urgent matter during recess of legislature. To issue an ordinance, the governor must be satisfied with the circumstances that make it necessary for him / her to take immediate action. Governor ..