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International Universal Health Coverage Day 2019

The International Universal Health Coverage Day is an international observance as per the United Nations resolution 72/138. The day was first observed in 2017 with the objective that everyone, everywhere around the world should have access to quality and affordable health care. On 12th December 2012, the UN General Assembly unanimously endorsed a resolution urging ..

First Polio case in 27 years reported in Malaysia

The Malaysian Health Ministry confirmed on Sunday, 8th December 2019 that a 3-month-old boy has been diagnosed with type vaccine-derived poliovirus type 1(VDPV1), making it the first case reported in 27 years of the highly infectious virus in Malaysia. The last polio case was reported in Malaysia in 1992, and in the year 2000, Malaysia ..

FDA investigating genotoxic compounds in drugs

The US Food and Drug Administration has been on the look out for genotoxic compounds contamination in some drugs used for dealing with diabetes. The FDA had found instances of genotoxin contamination in drugs like Zantac. Genotoxic compounds are those that cause genetic mutation and eventually result in cancer. The genotoxic compounds can cause direct ..

Negative impact of palm oil use in developing countries

The use of palm oil is widespread in developing countries because of its cheap availability. It is extracted from the fruits of the African Oil Palm tree. It is used in different forms: refined, blended or in the form of vanaspati. Studies have highlighted the negative impact of the oil’s use in India. India is ..

Florence Nightingale Award

The President of India conferred the National Florence Nightingale Award to the nursing personnel on December 5th. The award is a recognition of meritorious service conferred to individuals in the nursing profession. The President termed the profession as ‘symbol of seva, shushrusha and karuna’.  He also called them the ‘face of healthcare service’. The President ..