GoI announces 170 hotspots and 207 non hotspots of COVID-19

On April 15, 2020, the Government of India announced 170 hotspots and 207 non hotspots in the country.


The districts were sorted into 3 zones namely hot posts, non-hotspots and green zones. The sorting was done by the Ministry of Health. The hotspots are also called red zones and the non-hotspots are called the orange zones.

The hotspots are those districts where large number of COVID-19 case are being reported and the reported cases are growing day by day. In other words, there are more new cases every day in these districts. Non-hotspots are those districts where the large number of COVID-19 cases and there are no new cases. The green zones are those districts where there are limited or no COVID-19 cases.

What is the plan?

The Hotspots are to be given the highest priority. Cluster outbreak containment strategy, large outbreak protocol, delineation of buffer zones, parameter mapping is to be implemented. The Health Ministry is to present a detailed and well-defined entry and exit points. Also, special teams are to work in containment zones. House-to-house survey and contact tracing to focus on people facing influenza and SARS like symptoms is to be conducted.



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