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New Zealand’s White Island erupts

The White Island volcano of New Zealand erupted in early December. White island, also known as Whakaari, is located about 50 km from the eastern coast of North Island in a region known as the Taupo Volcanic Zone. It is the country’s most active volcano and it belongs to the stratovolcano category (volcanoes characterized by ..

Geological Survey of India (GSI) North Eastern Region (NER) installs two geological display boards at two important geological sites

In Meghalaya, the Geological Survey of India (GSI) North Eastern Region (NER) has recently installed two geological display boards at two important geological sites in the State with geo-scientific information which will help in creating awareness among visiting tourists, students and the general public. The boards are unvieled at two important geological sites in the ..

Popocatepetl volcano spews ashes: Red alert in Mexico

The Popocatepetl volcano has been giving out ashes since Thursday. Red alert has been raised in Mexico after smoke, ash and lava from the volcano increased. The volacano remained dormant for more than 1000 years. It showed increased activity in the past 25 years. The major eruption in the volcano can have devastating effect to ..

Mount Etna, active volcano in quake-stricken Italian island of Sicily erupted on 24th December 2018.

Mount Etna, the active volcano in quake-stricken Italian island of Sicily, has recently erupted on 24th December 2018. A chain of around 130 earthquakes have rocked the volcano with the strongest posting a magnitude of 4.0. The quake was the strongest in the region after Mount Etna erupted, spewing ash and forcing the temporary closure ..

India fourth highest emitter of carbon dioxide in world

According to the study by the Global Carbon Project, India is the fourth highest emitter of CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the world, accounting for 7% of global emissions in 2017. India’s emissions look set to continue their strong growth by an average of 6.3% in 2018, with growth across all fuels — coal (7.1%), oil ..

Dinesh Gupta appointed as new Director General of Geological Survey of India (GSI)

Dr. Dinesh Gupta, an officer of the 1983 UPSC batch, has been appointed as the new Director General (DG) of the Geological Survey of India (GSI). He took over from N Kutumba Rao to become the 47th DG of the GSI. Gupta is an expert in mineral exploration and responsibility has been given to him ..

The world’s second oldest rock discovered from Kendujhar

Scientists have discovered the world’s second oldest grain of magnetic zircon from the Singhbhum rock at the Champua in Kendujhar district of Odisha. The zircon is a mineral that contains traces of radioactive isotopes. It is an estimated that the magnetic zircon in the rock is 4, 240 million years old that will offer fresh ..

Advanced Ultra Super Critical (AUSC) Technology

AUSC refers to an advanced power generation system that works on higher temperatures (around 700°C) and pressure, thus achieving a great improvement in efficiency, reducing coal consumption and CO2 emissions. In August 2016, the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CEEA) had given its approval for the development of AUSC technology for thermal power plants for ..