70 year reign of Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth of England is to celebrate 70 years of throne on February 6, 2022.  She is 95 years old. Queen Elizabeth The queen ascended to the throne on February 8, 1952 officially. Her father George VI died on February ..



England: First country to mandate new homes to install EV chargers

British government has announced to introduce legislation in 2021, under which all the newly built homes and offices will require to feature electric vehicle chargers in England. Highlights Under the legislation, all new homes and offices will be required to ..


UK reports cases of ‘Norovirus’ infection

The United Kingdom, is now reporting an outbreak of norovirus. Public Health England (PHE) recently issued a warning regarding Norovirus. Since the end of the month of May, England has recorded 154 cases of norovirus in the country. Increase in ..


April 23: World Book Day

Every year, World Book Day or International Day of Book or World Book and Copyrights Day is organised by United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Highlights The World Book Day is being celebrated since 1995. The idea of ..


Fossil links human hands to fins for the first time in Human Evolution

The Paleontologists of Canada have linked human hands to the fins of fish. The researchers examined a fossil of “Elpistostege”. About the findings The Elpistostege represents the pivotal stage of transition of fish into land vertebrates. The transition was supported ..


Scientists Discover Oil-Eating Bacteria at the Bottom of the Ocean

Scientists from Ocean University in Qingdao, China and the University of East Anglia in Norwich, England have discovered a bacteria that eats oil. Oil-Eating Bacteria The oil eating bacteria was discovered in the western Pacific Ocean’s 10,994-meter-deep Mariana Trench. The team ..