elections in india

2013 Amendment to RoPA, Jan Chowkidar and Lily Thomas Case

March 27, 2016

The Jan Chowkidar (People’s watch) is a Patna based NGO. Its plea in Supreme Court had created a lots of political drama back in 2013. The plea was around the Sections 62 of the RoPA 1951. Section 62 of the act said that: Only an elector can...

Whip In India

March 27, 2016

Whip is an official appointed to maintain discipline among, secure attendance of, and give necessary information to, members of his party. The other functions are as follows: Serve as channel of communication between party and its members Gauge the opinion of the members and communicate it to...

Inner Party Democracy

March 27, 2016

Democratic theory includes both procedural and substantive democracy. Procedural democracy can be said to refer to the practice of universal adult franchise, periodic elections, secret ballot. Substantive democracy can be said to refer to the internal democratic functioning of the parties, which purportedly represent the people. Internal...

Electronic Voting Machines

March 26, 2016

Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) was first used in 1982 in the by-election to Parur Assembly Constituency of Kerala for a limited number of polling stations (50 polling stations). They are being used in part from 1999 elections and in total since 2004 elections. The EVMs reduce the...

Problems in State Funding of Elections in India

November 5, 2011

State funding of elections has been suggested in the past in response to the high cost of elections and as a measure against corruption in the electoral process. Many of the government panels on electoral reforms have expressed their ideas on the issue, however, complete state funding of...