Eastern Mediterranean: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

What are Medicanes?

The Mediterranean hurricanes are called medicanes. The scientists have recently warned that these hurricanes have now become more frequent lately. This is mainly due to human induced climate change. How are medicanes different from tropical cyclones? The medicanes are usually formed during winter season. They occur once or twice a year.  They occur in colder ..

Turkey renews talk on sharing resources with Greece

Turkey’s Foreign Minister has said that Turkey is in favour of talks with Greece on the resources of Mediterranean Sea. It would lead to the fair sharing of resources in the eastern Mediterranean, where the two countries are locked in a tensed standoff. What is the issue? · Turkey and Greece have overlapping maritime claims ..

Mohammad Shtayyeh sworn-in as new prime minister of Palestine

Dr. Mohammad Shtayyeh has been sworn-in as the new prime minister of the State of Palestine by President Mahmoud Abbas at his headquarters in the West Bank city of Ramallah. The 18th Palestinian government since the establishment of the Palestinian Authrity in 1995 was sworn in according to a presidential decree issued by Abbas. The ..

US pulls forces from Libya

The US military on Sunday relocated many of its troops from Libya. The fighting in Libya has increased. But the US has temporarily relocate the forces from Libya in the midst. The troops protect the diplomatic facilitates in the country. In 2012, the US diplomatic compound was attacked in Libya killing 4 Americans including the ..

Malta: Three teens charged over hijacking refugee ship

Three teens have been charged in Malta for their alleged role in hijacking of a merchant ship that had rescued them from off the coast of Libya. They have been charged with an act of terrorism. The teens had been among the 108 refugees and other asylum-seekers who had been rescued by the El Hiblu ..