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Sri Lanka is in the process of drafting its new Constitution

Sri Lanka is on its way to draft its new constitution by reverting back the provisions of the 19th amendment of 2015, which put a cap on the power of the President and strengthened the ..

‘Forest Man’ wins 128th Commonwealth Points of Light Award

Environmental activist Jadav Payeng, also called the ‘Forest Man’, was named as the winner of the 128th Commonwealth Points of Light Award. Payeng is a 57-year-old activist, who had transformed a treeless sandbar along the ..

Maldives re-joins Commonwealth

Maldives officially re-joined the Commonwealth on February 1, 2020 and became the 54th member of the Commonwealth Union. The President of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had applied for re-joining the bloc in December 2018. The country ..

Innovation for Sustainable Development Award

The Commonwealth Secretary-General s Innovation for Sustainable Development Awards 2019 was awarded to Indian engineer Nitesh Kumar Jangir. Nitesh Kumar Jangir was awarded for the development of Saans, a low-cost breathing support device for premature ..