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Standard Chartered unveils “Breeze Banking in India”

Standard Chartered Bank unveiled Breeze Banking for India, becoming the first international bank to introduce a suite of customisable banking services incorporating internet, smartphone technology and social media. Breeze Banking addresses the financial needs of India s growing segment of tech-savvy, globally-connected urban tribe who value convenience, personalised services and transaction freedom. Breeze Banking enables ..

Vocab Practice 10

Each question presents a sentence with a word or phrase in bold. Find the word or phrase which is similar in meaning to the word in bold. 1.Rohit was shaken up by the false alarm.(A)nervous and upset(B)warned and prepared(C)surprised and humored 2.Go to Siberia if you like frigid climate.(A)changeable(B)cold(C)interesting 3.She was so mixed up that ..

Vocab Practice 11

Directions: Each of the following 20 items consists of a word in CAPITAL letters, followed by three words. Select the word that is most similar in meaning to the word in CAPITAL letters. 1.INCITEMENT(A)duration(B)stimulation(C)exception 2.INCONTROVERTIBLE(A)negative(B)irrefutable(C)unacceptable 3.INCESSANTLY(A)uncertainly(B)quickly(C)continuously 4.COMPLACENT(A)self confident(B)self satisfied(C)superiority complex 5.PROLETARIAN(A)worker(B)politician(C)tyrant 6.CYNICAL(A)poisonous(B)misanthropic(C)sinful 7.FEAT(A)duty(B)effort(C)struggle 8.PERMEATE(A)impress(B)penetrate(C)conquer 9.INNOCUOUS(A)harmful(B)harmless(C)lustful 10.INCARCERATE(A)fine(B)torture(C)imprison 11.JEOPARDIZE(A)offend(B)endanger(C)perplex 12.UNKEMPT(A)unwept(B)untidy(C)uncontrolled 13.PANDEMONIUM(A)hatred(B)tumult(C)collection 14.STOLID(A)orderly(B)chaos(C)pallid 15.ORNATE(A)dull(B)flowery(C)clean 16.VOUCHSAFE(A)allow(B)order(C)request 17.RELIC(A)critic(B)antiquity(C)modern 18.BEVY(A)group(B)blame(C)number 19.DECREPIT(A)strong(B)handicap(C)feeble ..