World Heritage Day

The World Heritage Day or the International Day for Monuments and Sites was observed on April 18th to promote awareness about heritage of humanity.


The World Heritage Day is celebrated every year on 18th of April. It was designated in 1983 by the General Assembly of UNESCO to promote the awareness about diversity of heritage and their vulnerability. The observation was proposed by ICOMOS or International Council on Monuments and Sites.

2020 Celebrations

The 2020 edition was organised on the theme of ‘Shared Culture, Shared Heritage and Shared Responsibility’. However, the ongoing pandemic situation has led to the celebrations being taken to the virtual platform:

  • Contributions of pictures connected to the theme to ICOMOS Photobank.
  • Virtual tours and videos of heritage sites.
  • Hosting of webinars on topics related to heritage.
  • Creating twitter threads to highlight local community’s relations with heritage.


ICOMOS or the International Council on Monuments and Sites is an international body that works for conservation of heritage sites across the world. It was founded in 1965 as a consequence of the Venice Charter of 1964. It is headquartered in Paris. It offers advice to UNESCO on World Heritage Sites.


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