Why did Haryana Government amend the Rules for conduct of business in Assembly?

The Haryana State Government recently added several new provisions to maintain the decorum of the State Assembly. The provisions have been included based on the recommendations made by the committee constituted by the Speaker of the Haryana State Legislative Assembly.

New Rules

The following are the new rules added to the Rules of Procedure and Conduct of Business in the Haryana State Legislative Assembly:

  • A new provision has been added to Rule 76. According to the new rule, at least two ministers should be present at every sitting of the house.
  • The members shall not tear off the documents in the House in protest.
  • The Sub Rule 46(11) has been substituted with a new rule. The new Sub Rule says that the question asked by the members during the sitting of the house shall not contain more than 150 words. This will help the ministers get a better clarity and provide proper reply to the query raised.
  • Another new provision says that a supplementary question shall be held out of order by the speaker if in his opinion if the question has following issues
    • If the question does not arise from the main question.
    • If it provides information instead of seeking information.
    • If the question seeks confirmation or denial of an opinion.
    • If the question infringes any of the rules regarding the questions.
  • Rule 243 (A) has been added. The rule states that timely action should be taken when the committees constituted by the Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha make recommendations.

New Definition to the Leader of Opposition

The new rules have given different definition to the Leader of Opposition. According to the new definition, the Leader of Opposition is the leader of the legislative party with largest number of members other than the party that has formed the government. If more than one party has got equal number of members then the party with greater number of votes is to be chosen. If the number of votes received are also equal, then the Office of the Leader of Opposition shall be held alternatively.




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