What is ‘TriSb92’ Molecule?

Researchers from University of Helsinki have developed a molecule, that can inactivate the coronavirus spike protein. It also offers effective short-term protection against the coronavirus.

About TriSb92 Molecule

  • Cell cultures and animal studies on TriSb92 molecule shows that, it protects against coronavirus infection for at least eight hours, including in cases of high exposure risk.
  • Effect of TriSb92 starts immediately after its administration, in contrast to vaccine protection.
  • TriSb92 is administered nasally.
  • In animal models, it offered protection against infection in situation wherein all unprotected mice were infected.

How was TriSb92 developed?

The TriSb92 molecule was developed on the basis of an entirely new technical solution developed in Finland to target biological drugs. This solution was utilized for inhibiting the functioning of spike protein on SARS-CoV-2 virus surface. When this inhibitory effect of TriSb92 molecule is targeted to a site of coronavirus spike protein (common to all variants of virus) makes it possible to effectively inhibit the ability of all the variants including Omicron.

Significance of the TriSb92

In the study, TriSb92 was able to prevent the spread of SARS, which threatened us in early 2000s. Thus, it can be assumed that, future variants of SARS-CoV-2 or even entirely new coronaviruses are susceptible to it.  In future, this molecule could serve as kind of biological protection against coronavirus infection, which is sprayed on the mucous membranes.

Will people need vaccines with TriSb92?

TriSb92 is a solution supplementing the vaccines, instead of competing with them.




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