What is HTT-40?

The indigenous Basic Trainer Aircraft HTT-40 is set to be unveiled during the 12th edition of the DefExpo on October 19, 2022.

Key facts

  • The indigenous Basic Trainer Aircraft HTT-40 (Hindustan Turbo Trainer-40) is developed and manufactured by state-owned Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL).
  • The trainer aircraft is expected to be unveiled at the India Pavilion during the DefExpo 2022.
  • The HAL and Indian Air Force will finalize a contract for 70 HTT-40s during the event.
  • The aircraft will be powered TPE331-12 family of engines developed by Honeywell International Inc. This enables the trainer aircraft to quickly accelerate, consume lesser fuel, and increase reliability and flexibility to conduct a wide range of training missions.
  • 70 per cent of the HTT-40 is made of indigenous Indian content.
  • HTT-40 will be used by the IAF for training new pilots before they are allowed to use more advanced HAL HJT-16 Kiran (intermediate jet-powered trainer aircraft) and “Hawk” Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT).
  • After the AJT training is complete, the trainees can be posted to fighter squadrons of the Indian Air Force.
  • The HTT-40 will be used for basic flight training, aerobatics, instrument flying, and close formation flight.
  • The aircraft is equipped with the latest avionics, an air-conditioned cabin, and ejection seats.
  • It provides the best-in-class fuel economy and power rating and is capable of taking off from a short distance. It has a high rate of climb and a maximum speed of 450 km per hour.
  • It can reach a maximum distance of 1,000 km.
  • The aircraft successfully completed its spin flight certification test last year.
  • It is now set to be certified to international military aircraft training standards. It had completed all tests required for the certification.
  • HAL is currently planning to develop a weaponized version of this aircraft to be used in counter-insurgency and limited strike operations.




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