Vermin means wild mammals and birds which are harmful to crops, farm animals or which carry disease. In India, wild animals can be declared as vermin if they have become (i) dangerous to human life or property (including standing crops on any land). (ii) become disabled or diseased as to be beyond recovery. Using these provisions, any animal listed in Schedule I to IV of WPA can be declared vermin by listing it in Schedule V for a specific period. This power has been given to MoEFCC by section 62 of the Wildlife Protection Act (WPA), 1972. Currently, some animals like the common crow, fruit bats, mice and rats have been listed as vermin in Schedule V of WPA. In last few years, Wild Pig (sus scrofa) were also declared Vermin in states such as Uttarakhand. Kindly note that the proposal to declare an animal vermin has to be forwarded by state governments.


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