Vaccination Strategy of Phase 3

The Prime Minister recently chaired a high-level meeting with the top doctors of the country. After the meeting, it was decided to liberalize and accelerate the phase three strategy of COVID-19 Vaccination programme in the country.

Strategy of Phase 3 of COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

  • Everyone above the age of eighteen years is eligible to get vaccinated.
  • The Union Government has empowered the states to procure additional doses directly from the manufacturers.
  • Under phase III, the healthcare and frontline workers will be prioritised to get second dose of the vaccine.
  • The Government of India is to provide incentives for manufacturers to increase scale of production. This is to be done to attract new national and international players in the field.
  • The Manufacturers are to be empowered to release 50% of supply to states and open market at a pre-declared price.
  • The Indian Vaccine Manufacturers have to sell 50% of their monthly doses to the Union Government. The rest 50% shall be sold to states and in open market. However, there are no such restrictions to foreign manufacturers. They can sell directly to states and open markets.
  • All the vaccines are to be administered under the National Vaccination Programme.
  • The price per vaccination in all vaccination centres should be reported in real time.
  • All the vaccination should follow all the protocols such as those captured on the CoWIN platform and those linked to AEFI (Adverse Event Following Immunization) reporting.


It is COVID Vaccine Intelligence Network. Basically, it is a software, a cloud-based IT Platform. It is owned by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It was earlier used in Pulse Polio administration. It has now been updated for COVID-19. It monitors and tracks vaccine drive in the country.




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