Uttarakhand Govt. forms Committee for Compulsory Retirement of Govt. Employees above 50 years

Uttarakhand Government has formed a screening committee for compulsory retirement to the government employees aged 50 years and above in the public interest. The employees to be considered include the government employees who are incapable of doing official work, are sick or are mostly absent in offices, disregard the orders of their superior officers, and disturb the editing of state functions and also the persons whose integrity is doubtful.

The Additional Chief Secretary of the State, Vinod Kumar Suman, has issued an order stating that there is a system of compulsory retirement in public interest by giving three months’ notice or three months’ salary to the government servants aged 50 years and above without assigning any reason. The department has also asked for reports from all the government offices in the state and the report will be considered by the screening committee formed by the State Government for this purpose.

The Central Government has also time and again come out with the idea of compulsory retirement for its employees above the age of 50 years but nothing has been finalized till date. The recruitment of the private sector officials in the middle-level posts also insists on the commitment of the government to reform the bureaucracy in the country.




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