US General McKenzie to ensure resources for tackling Iran

The Chief of US Central Command General Kenneth McKenzie has stated that the US will deploy the needed resources for tackling all the actions taken by Iran. In an official quote to the Sky News Arabia, McKenzie stated, “We’re going continue to reach out to our partners and friends in the region to ensure that we make common cause against the threat of Iran. I believe we’ll have the resources necessary to deter Iran from taking actions that will be dangerous. We will be able to respond effectively. There has been an increase in tensions ever since the Trump administration has backed out from the nuclear deal with Iran and re-imposed the sanctions on Iran. Earlier in April, in another major decision and a grave setback to the already worsened relations, the Trump administration blacklisted the elite Revolutionary Guards of Iran.
In a recent announcement, the buyers of Iranian oil have been told to put an end to the purchase of Iranian oil by May 1 or they will have to face the wrath of US sanctions. The announcement thus put an end to six months of waivers which had let the eight biggest buyers of Iran to continue to import limited volumes of Iranian oil. China, India and Turkey are the biggest buyers of Iranian oil and may demand a wind-down period for coming to the figure of an absolute zero purchases of oil from Iran. This is possible under the US sanctions law. In a sharp response to the above, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and many other senior military commanders of Iran have also issued threats to block oil shipments from the Gulf region if the Iranian oil exports are hit by US sanctions.
General McKenzie further stated, “On the long term, we’re going to reduce our forces in Syria, we recognize that that’s the guidance in which we are operating. That will be something that we will look at very carefully as we go forward”. Even President Trump had passed orders of withdrawal of US troops from Syria in December after the defeat of ISIL in Syria. It was in February that a senior official from the US had said that the US will leave nearly 400 US troops in Syria split across two regions. McKenzie also expressed his confidence that the US will have a long term presence in Iraq which was completely focussed on the counter-terrorism mission.



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