Union Sports Ministry grants recognition to Paralympic Committee of India

The Union Sports Ministry has granted recognition to Paralympic Committee of India (PCI) after the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) announced temporary lifting of suspension on it.
This recognition gives a huge confidence boost to the several para-athletes who have qualified for 2016 Rio Paralympics.
The IPC had suspended PCI in April 2015 due to internal conflicts between different groups and persons, which were undermining the development of Paralympic Movement in India. Due to suspension, Indian para-athletes were not allowed to participate in any IPC-sanctioned competition, including 2016 Rio Paralympic Games.

About Paralympic Committee of India (PCI)

  • PCI was founded in 1992 as the Physically Handicapped Sports Federation of India.
  • It was recognized in November 2011, as National Sports Federation (NSF) for promotion of sports amongst the physically challenged sportspersons in the country.
  • It is responsible for selecting athletes to represent India at the Paralympic Games and other international athletic meets.




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