Which is the world’s first football club?

English Sheffield Football Club was the world’s first football club. It was founded by two British army officers Colonel Nathaniel Cresswick and Major William Priest in the year 1857. It is the world’s oldest independent football club now playing association football.

Which is the most played sport on earth?

Soccer is the most payed sport on Earth. Soccer is also known as Association of football. As per estimates it is played by more than 250 million player in over 200 countries. Soccer is also most watched sport on earth.

What is highest individual score in single ODI?

264 is the highest individual score in ODI cricket in a single match. It was scored by Indian Player Rohit Sharma against Sri Lanka in 2014. Martin Guptill of New zealand stands in second place with 237, which he scored against West Indies in 2015.

Which Cricket player played most number of test matches?

Indian Player Sachin Tendulkar played 200 test matches in his career which is highest number of test matches played by any cricketer. He started his test career in 1989 and played up-to 2013. Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting of Australia stands in Second place with 168 test matches played. South African Player Jacques Kallis stands […]

Which cricket team holds the record of most consecutive defeats?

Bangladesh Cricket team stands in first and second places in most consecutive defeats in One Day International Cricket. Bangladesh lost 23 One Day matches consecutively from 1999 to 2002 and lost 22 ODI matches consecutively from 1986 to 1998. Zimbabwe stands in third positions by losing 18 One Day matches consecutively.

Which cricket team won most consecutive matches in ODIs?

Australian Cricket teams holds the record of winning most consecutive matches in One Day International Cricket. Australia won 21 consecutive matches in 2003. South Africa and Pakistan stands in second place by winning 12 consecutive One Day matches in 2005 and 2007 respectively.

Who is the only batsman to score three centuries in first matches of his career?

Indian Batsman Mohammed Azharuddin is the only batsman to have scored three centuries in his first three test matches. Azharuddin started his Test career in 1984 against England at Kolkata. In the first innings of his first test match he scored 110 runs, again in second and third test matches he scored 105 and 122 […]

Which team recorded lowest score in single innings of a test match?

New Zealand cricket team holds the record of lowest score in single innings of a test match. In a test match against England in 1954 New zealand scores a least score of 26. In this match England Bowler R. Apple Yard took 4 wickets in six overs. Second lowest total in single innings of test […]

What is the highest score in single innings of a test match?

Till date highest score in single innings of a test match is 952. It was scored by Sri Lankan team against India in the first innings of a test match in 1997 at Colombo. In total of 271 overs Sri Lanka scored 956 with a loss of six wickets. 903 of England against Australia in […]