Union Cabinet approves MoU between India, UAE to check human trafficking

The Union Cabinet has given its approval for signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between India and United Arab Emirates (UAE) on cooperation in preventing and combating of Human Trafficking.
The MoU will increase the bilateral cooperation on the issues of prevention, recovery, rescue and repatriation related to human trafficking especially of women and children expeditiously.
Salient features of MoU

  • Strengthen cooperation to prevent all forms of human trafficking, especially that of women and children.
  • Ensure speedy investigation and prosecution of traffickers and organized crime syndicates in either country.
  • Taking preventive measures in order to eliminate human trafficking and for protecting the rights of trafficked victims.
  • Anti-trafficking Task Forces and Cells will work to prevent human trafficking on both sides.
  • Concerned authorities and Police will work in close cooperation and exchange information to interdict human traffickers.
  • The repatriation of victims would be done expeditiously and the home country will undertake the effective and safe measures for re-integration of the victims.
  • A Joint Task Force would be constituted to monitor the working of the MoU. It will have representatives from both sides




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